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Bevel card mounts can be purchased with picture frames for frame sizes as shown.  Simply select the mount size to match the frame size.  The insert provides details of the visible aperture available. Mounts will be supplied inside picture frames purchased, unless stated otherwise. 

Bevel mounts in all sizes and a wide choice of colours can be supplied - further details and quotes provided on enquiry for more specific custom requirements.

Frame Card Mounts - Cream

  6x4"   Insert 4.75x2.75"
  7x5"   Insert 5.5x3.5"
  8x6"   Insert 6x4"
  9x7"   Insert 7x5"
10x8"   Insert 8x6"
12x10" Insert 9.5x7.5"
14x11" Insert 11x8"
16x12" Insert 11x9"
20x16" Insert 16x12"

 Cream Card Mount - 8x6 Inch for Mounting 6x4 Inch




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Frame Wall Fixing Plates are brass side brackets which are screwed to the back of frame.  This provides a protruding screw hole for fixing frame direct to wall.  10 pence each with frame purchase, usually at least two required for each frame.

Frame Wall Fixing Plate



Wall Fixing Plate

  Frame Side Mounting Bracket

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Styrene Plastic 'Glass'

Styrene Plastic Glass is similar to Perspex or acrylic, providing a virtually unbreakable glass-like product at a reasonable price.   Styrene Plastic Safety 'Glass' is subject to available stock, larger quantities of less popular sizes can be obtained at a few days notice.  Please telephone for further details if lead time is critical.

  Styrene Plastic Glass Option

Styrene Plastic 'Glass' may be purchased for a full range of frame sizes.  This option replaces traditional glass supplied as standard with our picture frame products.   


Option Styrene Plastic 'Glass'

Bulk Supply - Frame Options

Extra glass may be purchase to supplement frame orders. 
Please note that all frames come already supplied with glass, unless otherwise stated.


Additional Glass

Additional Glass

Choosing Between Traditional Glass & Plastic Styrene Safety Glass
                                       Good quality glass is perfectly transparent, cheap, easily cleaned, tends not to deteriorate with age, and feels of good quality.   Ideal for use in picture frames, hence its prolific use.  Conversely plastic ‘safety glass in its various forms (Perspex, Styrene, Acrylic) can scratch easily, deteriorates under exposure to Ultra Violent (i.e. intense direct sunlight) over time, and though is perceived as a ‘cheaper’ product is actually more expensive to produce than traditional glass. 

From a safety perspective the choice between glass (can shatter) or plastic Safety Glass (shatterproof) is not quite  straight forward.  The safety issues regarding traditional glass concern the fact glass can break on impact and produce shards that can cut.  This is the obvious Health and Safety risk, and indeed for particularly vulnerable environments, such as prisons and school corridors may be best avoided. 

Breakage risk can be minimised by ensuring the frame is firmly fixed to the wall, ideally screwed via side mounting clips.  Indeed, if such mounting is used and frames are inaccessible this can be the safest overall option in many environments.  Incidentally, picture frame glass when broken tends to stay in the frame, even following a direct impact.  

Safety glass on first appraisal can appear to be the safer option.  It looks like glass, but shatterproof, with negligible cut injury risk.  Indeed Safety Glass in its various forms (Perspex, Styrene, and Acrylic) has advantages especially for sending by post.  It is lighter than glass and hence cheaper to send, and not prone to breaking. 

From a Health and Safety perspective, in the event of a fire ‘safety glass’ can produce obnoxious deadly fumes.  Buildings that minimise artificial materials present a safer environment during fire.  This needs to be measured against small risk of glass cut injury.  For frames located largely out of any obvious impact areas, a frame using a traditional glass and firmly mounted to the wall, provides a cheaper, safer, and aesthetically pleasing solution.  Safety glass despite is nomenclature is not entirely safe, particularly in event of a fire, but this slight risk may be outweighed when utilised in vulnerable environments.

The question of whether or not plastic safety glass is a safer option than traditional glass is not quite as straightforward as initially appears.  Indeed ordinary glass in some settings may be a safer option, as well as being cheaper and a more environmentally friendly choice.  All depends on the circumstances of use.

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Frame Product Options & Extras

Picture Frame products can be supplied on a custom size basis.  Generally this will be at double the nearest size up, due to cost and time involved in cutting 'tailor sized' frames, albeit discounts may apply to large supplies.  Datalite needs to be contacted to agree price and feasibility.  The custom order buttons will be set by Datalite and may then be used by customer.

Custom Order One


Custom Size Orders

Custom Order Two


Frame Features
Frames are supplied complete with traditional glass and hard back as standard.  Additional features are detailed below.  Replacement Styrene glass and mounts are available as an option.
Picture Frame Specification - Desktop Strut Back

Frames up to size 14x11 inch are provided with an integral hardboard strut. This can be removed for flush wall hanging.

Landscape and Portrait Hanging Clips.
Hanging Clips

Frames up to size
20x16 inch
come with  integrated fixtures for  portrait & landscape hanging.  Hooks are provided for larger sizes.

Frames are supplied at no extra cost with either card corners (all sizes) or individually shrink wrapped (maximum 16.5x12 inch).   This preference can be stated in the comments box on checking out, by telephone, or by selecting the options below.
Picture Frame Supply Option - Card Corners - Free Extra

Picture Frame Supply Option - Card Corners - Free Extra

Picture Frame Supply Option - Shrink Wrap  - Free Extra

Picture Frame Supply Option - Shrink Wrap - Free Extra