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Glass Clip Frames
Size Conversion Tables
                                       Clip frames are generally measured using the metric size system.  Also some frames are supplied in International Standard ISO 'A' sizes.  For convenience a conversion table for glass clip frames sizes between metric, imperial, and ISO 'A' sizes is provided below:
Frame Conversion Metric to Imperial Table

 16x16cm = 6.3x6.3 inch
 18x13cm = 7x5 inch 25x20cm = 9.8x8 inch 30x24cm = 12x10 inch 30x30cm = 12x12 inch 35x28cm = 14x11 inch 40x30cm = 16x12 inch
50x35cm = 20x14 inch 50x40cm = 20x16 inch

ISO 'A' Sizes
A6(15x10 cm) = 5.8x4.1"  A5(21x15 cm) = 8.2x5.8"
A4(30x21 cm) =11.7x8.3"

 A3 (42x30 cm) = 16.5x12"  A2 (59x42 cm)= 23.5x16.5" 

Note:  Some sizes are rounded; also please allow a tolerance of 2mm for actual frame sizes.  Imperial conversion may be rounded up or down to nearest inch.  More size options are available for the plastic clip frame style.
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The Glass version of Clip Frames utilises standard glass.  This provides a high quality scratch resistant surface.  This style offers a wide choice of smaller sized frames, where the inherent fragility of glass is less prevalent.  Please note these glass clip frames are only available in multi packs as stated.

Glass Clip Frames are available in a wide range of the smaller sizes from a diminutive 16x16cm to 50x40cm, including ISO A6,A5, A4, A3 sizes.  For more size choices, particularly for larger frames, and single unit options see the Plastic Frame option.

These frames are suitable for Portrait or Landscape orientation, and provide a distinctly modern display look for photographs, pictures, and large posters. 

for all Clip Frames is at a fixed courier price (England & Wales) per total order, free if order is over 150.  Minimum clip frame order is 50, which can be a mixture of clip frames.  I

Top Panel - Glass Clip Frames


These products are manufactured either using traditional glass. The glass version is essentially scratch resistant, and has a higher quality feel as compared to plastic. Traditional glass does not suffer from ultra-violent deterioration, when subjected to direct sunlight. A wide range of smaller size clipped frames are offered.  For use in vulnerable environments where there is a significant risk of breakage (school corridors, residential homes, prisons etc.) the plastic version may be a preferred option.










Clip frames are supplied complete with hardboard backing and metal mounting clips. 
Outer packing is styrene foam for smaller clip frames, card corners/shrink wrap for larger clip frames.

Clip Frame Back
Clip Frame Packaging.
Clip Picture Frame - Traditional Glass



To reduce risk of glass breakage, regret only able to supply each individual size in set box quantities of 12.
This Clip frame is supplied using traditional glass.  Hence ideal where a high quality scratch resistant finish is required  This frame is available in popular sizes including A6, A5, A4, and A3 and a selection of small metric sizes from 13x8cm up to 50x35cm. For larger sizes see the Plastic Clip Frame version. 
Main Panel - Trad Glass Clip Frame.

CLIP FRAME - Traditional Glass Version

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A6 -   9.74 (12 pk)
A5 - 13.97 (12 pk)
A4 - 20.60 (12 pk)
A3 - 41.07 (12 pk)
A2 - 35.99   (6 pk)
16x16cm - 13.41 (12 pk)18x13cm - 13.69 (12 pk)
- 18.20 (12 pk)

- 27.52 (12 pk)
- 35.99 (12 pk)
- 36.97 (12 pk)
- 43.04 (12 pk)
50x35cm - 28.58  (6 pk)
50x40cm - 28.58  (6 pk)
Glass (Boxes of 12
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